Down by the Water Vol.2

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Limited pressing of 300 records. Available for order here and at the bands' merch tables after release on March 4th.


1. Tim Neuhaus - Shapeshift

2. The New Poor - 754

3. The Black Atlantic - A Song For Mary


Includes unlimited streaming of Down by the Water Vol. 2 via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more.

We understand "Down by the Water" as a project for vinyl lovers. Through mp3s and especially streaming services like iTunes and spotify music often becomes nothing more but a background noise.
One aim of this project is to avoid this. If you enjoy this sampler, we also want you to enjoy everything that comes with it: The smell of fresh vinyl, the surface noise, the flipping of the record and so on. Enjoy music like it's meant to be enjoyed – with all your senses.
However, if you love the music on this sampler and want to support us, but don't have a vinyl record player:
Feel free to download and enjoy!
Click here to stream entirely:


released March 1, 2017

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